Everything that parents need to know

What does this town offer to children?
Every profession has its own specificity. 70 of these professions are revealed in Masterland. In this place, children will discover what is hidden behind the abstract concept of "work" as their parents will take them there on a daily basis to find out interesting facts about each profession. Moreover, children will acquire useful skills that can be successfully applied in everyday life - starting from the simplest things up to repairing a tap. Beyond that, children will have the opportunity to appreciate the value of money and learn to respect the effort of the others and their personal effort.
Why children under the age of 5 cannot attend the workshops and why there are no tickets available for them even if an older child comes with them?
Laboratory scenarios show that children must be familiar with some basic concepts and definitions. In many jobs, children should be able to read and write, know the percentages and so on. The presence of a baby in a group may cause distraction to the older children and thus their work becomes less interesting.
What are the benefits of Masterland tickets?
On weekdays we offer discounts for school groups. An adult escort for every 6 children enters the park for free.
Can I buy a ticket in advance?
Masterland tickets can be purchased in advance or just before the start of an activity (if there will be available tickets). If you are planning to visit Masterland on weekends, holidays or during school holidays,we recommend that you buy your tickets in advance to avoid waiting queues.
Is it possible to book tickets online over the internet or the telephone?
Pre-sale of booking tickets for Masterland activities is not foreseen. Tickets for individual visits to Masterland can be purchased at the cashier in the City or from the Masterland website.
Why parents are not allowed to enter labs with their children?
First of all, our aim is to help children develop their sense of independence, the ability to make decisions and build their relationships within a group. Masterland is a place where children have their own currencies, documents, jobs, and learn how to use them without parental care. Secondly, if a workshop has 6 children plus 6 parents and at least one of them begins to interfere with the process then the activity will be interrupted.
What is the age limit of children who can visit Masterland?
The activities in Masterland are suitable for children aged 5 to 15 with no exceptions. Each department has activities for preschool children, primary school children and secondary school children. Some lessons are designed in a way to be suitable for all ages and children must just choose the job they want to do.
Are all the laboratories open already?
From the very first moment Masterland opens, all our planned laboratories will be ready to be put into service. The opening of new workshops will be scheduled for the beginning of next year.
How long does an activity last in each workshop?
In the main workshops you may wait in the queue and the duration of each activity is about 20-30 minutes.
What is a Masterclass?
If an activity in some workshop has left a special impression to the children and they want to learn more about the profession they like then he / she can join a master class. A master class can give more light to all sides of a job and it can be an extension of one or more jobs. However, a master class always offers a deeper dive into a profession. Please note the fact that some of the specialized workshops are designed for secondary school children and they are not available for children under 9 years of age.
What is the purpose of the scoreboard?
It is a reward system that records the achievements of the children.
Who are the mentors?
Normally, the mentors are students and graduates of education schools who work with the children in the workshops. We are very strict as regards the selection of our staff and the basic criteria are the ability to communicate with children and of course kindness. Each workshop includes one or two tutors to whom you can refer for any help.
If we have children under the age of 5, can we take them with us to Masterland?
Yes, of course you can. We have a special children's area for our little friends. Children aged 3 to 5 can also participate in some workshops. More details about these workshops can be found at the Employment Service.
What can parents do?
We are trying to help children develop a sense of responsibility and independence and that is the reason why parents' entry to most workshops is forbidden. Usually, they can observe what happens in the workshops through the windows. In some laboratories the presence of parents is encouraging. If you are confident that your child has adapted to the new conditions and does not need your support or knows how and where to find you if necessary, then you can relax in our restaurants and cafes. Masterland also plans to set up workshops for adults in the future.
From where can we start our Masterland visit so that we use our time as efficiently as possible?
If this is your first visit to Masterland and you want to choose the workshops that meet your interests, take advantage of our suggestions. First of all, do not forget to get the map which is in the City and explore the list of our laboratories. Then, visit the Employment Service. Behind the usual names of our laboratories something really amazing can be hidden, so we recommend you to hear the advice of the Employment Service.
Can we celebrate a birthday party at Masterland?
Of course, at Masterland you can celebrate birthday parties, nameday parties, graduation parties, and other business and corporate events. Depending on the scale of the event we will provide you with a room, a small area, or even the whole park. At the beginning of September, we will open an additional 150-foot scene for birthday parties. Stay tuned with our news as there will be many surprises yet.

Organizational matters

What should children wear? Do I need to bring with me an extra pair of shoes?
In the interior space of Masterland there will be air conditioners, while outdoors there will be awnings. A second pair of shoes is not required.
If we want to come from another city, will they allow us to enter with a travel bag? Is there any special storage space for luggage?
At the moment we would appreciate it if you could leave your luggage and your heavy bags in your car. There is also a special storage space for small personal objects.
Are there any bags in which we can put some personal objects?
When you buy tickets for your children we will give you small badges where you can put some money. For mothers with infants we will provide special pouch baby carriers.
Is photography allowed?
Of course, amateur photography and video recording are allowed in our area. The professional photography is allowed only in agreement with the Masterland administration. The administration has the right to prohibit photography if it does not respect the personal rights and privacy. You can also use our photographer's services in our City.
If a child wants to use the toilet, who will help him / her?
Our tutors will show to the children the location of the toilets. If you believe that your child will not be able to go to the bathroom alone, we recommend that you accompany him to all his movements in the area.
What should I do if my child gets lost in the area?
Do not worry. If a child visits Masterland accompanied by an adult, he will not be able to walk alone out of the area. We encourage all parents to agree with the children in advance about the place they will meet at the end of the workshops. For example, you can call a meeting appointment at the square of the Employment Center. Warn your child that if they get lost they can contact any member in our park. Our staff will help him to go to the agreed meeting area or get him a phone to contact you.


What measures are taken in the event of a child's misbehavior?
Teachers and adult escorts are responsible for the behavior of the children. If a child's behavior causes problems to the other visitors, teachers have the right to tell the child stop the activity and leave the lab.
What actions are taken in a case of an emergency situation?
Masterland is designed in a way that takes into account the applicable requirements of the safety legislation in such areas and uses the latest equipment. Our staff is trained to deal with cases of any emergency. Don't forget! If you hear the alarm, listen to your teachers! They know exactly what to do and which are the nearest emergency exits. Our management and our assistants will organize a meeting place for the safe transfer of the children as soon as possible.
Is there any place for medical care?
In the area of Masterland there is a specially designed room for such cases. In addition, we have signed a contract with the clinic next to the City. In case of injury or unforeseen circumstances, please contact any member of our City.

Group visits

Can we organize school visits to Masterland?
Of course, Masterland is an ideal venue for exciting leisure activities within the school curriculum. On weekdays, we offer discounts for school groups accompanied by teachers. You can visit our City with you school for our day-to-day activities or make an agreement with us so we can create specific thematic programs in different areas of knowledge. For the first visit, we recommend a free visit to a lab of your choice. Children will be able to choose any workshop and learn about the various professions that interest them.
As regards the group visit tickets, do we have to buy them in advance?
Yes, for organized school group visits we need a full refund. For this reason, it is necessary that you send us all the data required for issuing the ticket.
What is the cost of the tickets for organized school groups?
On weekdays we offer special discounts for organized school groups of 6 people: the cost of the children's entrance fee is 15 euros, while the entrance for the adult that accompanies the group of the 6 children is free. Discounts on school groups do not apply at weekends. The entrance ticket gives you the right to take part in all the workshops using the priority queue. The total duration of the visit is 4 hours.
Are teachers allowed to enter the workshops?
For teachers as well as parents the entrance to most workshops is not allowed. If the school team is going to attend a specific thematic program, we ask every teacher to accompany the group during their movements between the workshops. Children are also given the opportunity to visit masterclasses for special lessons. The lessons in masterclasses begin at a fixed time and if the children are scattered around the area then they will lose the lesson. If you choose a free visit to a workshop you can also enjoy the workshops that are provided for adults.
How do we gather students to a specific meeting area after the end of the visit?
The proposed meeting area for school group members is the central square near the station. Please agree in advance the time and place of the meeting with the members of your team.