School visit!
On weekdays, the childhood City ''Masterland'' invites the organized school groups.
We suggest that school children not only get in touch with more
than 70 professions but also try to apply the knowledge they have acquired at school. For these groups we offer special discounts on tickets. The entrance for teachers and adult escorts is free (one adult for 6 children)
Masterland specialists can take the teachers and the educational staff to a tour around the City with great pleasure at any time.
Answers to the most frequently asked questions about school visits can be found under Questions-Answers.
The laboratories in our City are very interesting and well-equipped with places that define the games related to the material that children learn at school on various topics.
In addition, children can bake a cake on their own, put on a plaster, work in a juice factory, go under the hood of a real car and milk a cow.

We are ready to customize for you an individual visit program.
Our place is suitable for large vehicles, including school buses..
School visits can be made with a simple City visit, as well as with specially designed thematic routes, based on your school's curriculum or Masterland program.
Learning geography is much more interesting when there is a clear purpose - for example, you can create a travel trip with our travel agency.

Natural History
We will discuss the problems of ecology and healthy lifestyle in various laboratories and we will meet professions such as plumbing, cleaning services, farms and juice factories.
World Art
Our animators will teach the children the world of art in areas such as the School of Arts, the theater and the beauty salon.
In the four departments of our City hospital, children will be able to apply their general anatomy knowledge with professional medical equipment to conduct real medical studies that confirm the importance of good hygiene and the need for preventive health care. At our farm kids learn how to take care of the pets. Gardening knowledge is also useful for school knowledge that regards different plant species and children learn about planting and cultivation rules, pruning green plants and their value for the environment.
After visiting the archaeological department you can participate in the mysteries of the historical excavation to get an idea about the most important archaeological cultures of Europe and above all the culture of Cyprus.
Social science
You can become familiar with the principles of state functioning and with services such as police, rescue services and the fire brigade.