What is Masterland?
In «Masterland» everyone can be whoever
they want to be!
Masterland is interactive educational theme park in Cyprus
for children from 3 to 14 years old.

Children's City of Craftsmen - is a mini-model of a European city
with its own infrastructure.

Children follow the laws, learn different skills and become masters through role-playing in a childish, kind and joyful atmosphere.
In our City everyone is strictly in compliance with the laws. Not because they are afraid of punishment, but because all the rules of our City are simple and reasonable, and their aim is to make our lives comfortable and safe. The main characteristics of the inhabitants of our City is courtesy, willingness to learn, hard work and respect for the people and the City.
Unique Experience
In Masterland, professional growth takes place according to the ranking table. This is a City law which determines the procedure for obtaining professional degrees. City residents gradually acquire their specialization and are given the appropriate title based on the number of visits and their performance at work.
The City has it's own currency - Golden Talent. Money is distributed through the Bank of Cyprus branch of Masterland City. With your entrance ticket, you receive a check which you can redeem at the Bank. Visitors can use their golden talents for entertainment, charity and professional development.
In addition to the money you receive your entrance ticket, you can also earn golden talents by doing useful work in our City. The more you spend on improving your skills, the more you advance your professional qualifications and increase your salary. Lazy visitors who do not seek new knowledge are given the opportunity to practice low-skilled labour.
In our City, we follow international traffic rules and in order to obtain a Driver's license one must visit the Masterland driving school and pass a driving test after completing a medical examination.
Masterland is well-known for its hospitality and friendliness and this is the reason the number of its residents is constantly rising. On the fifth visit to the City, a child can get a residence permit from our office in the City and after the tenth visit he can get a passport as a Masterland citizen.
Masterland has everything a traveler may need: a cafeteria, a restaurant serving delicious food, a gift shop, free Wi-Fi for adults, as well as a space for our little friends aged 0 - 5 years.

For reasons of safety, hygiene and comfort, all Masterland visitors must follow the visiting rules and follow the instructions given by the staff.
  • It is forbidden to carry heavy objects and products in Masterland and wear stained clothes. The storage place for your personal belongings is located at the entrance of the City.
  • Weapons, flammable and explosive materials, sharp objects and general objects that are capable of causing injury are prohibited.
  • You are not allowed to bring alcohol, cigarettes and drugs with you.
  • Any behavior of cruelty, violence andaggression is forbidden.
    • Some of our laboratories recommend a certain level of physical conditions. You can decide which laboratory best fits to you and your children depending on your health status and the degree of the difficulty of each activity. You should use the active and passive security measures provided by Masterland.
    • For your safety, some of our laboratories follow special rules and / or participation restrictions based on the child's age, height and weight. Entry and exit in any workshop is only allowed with the permission of the staff.
    • It is forbidden to destroy the property of the City and litter the laboratories and streets in our City.
    • The administration is not responsible for the visitors' accidents that result from the violations of the regulations.
    • In the event of an infringement against the visiting rules and threat to safety and ethics standards, the administration has the right to request the removal of the offender from the area.
    • When you purchase the ticket it means that you automatically accept the visiting regulations. The text with the public offers can be found at the cashier in the City and on our website.
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